Atlas Tax


Our firm offers a wide range of services to individual and business clients. The following list is by no means all-inclusive, so please contact us if you do not see a tax, accounting or business-related service that you are interested in.

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Tax Preparation

We invested in the best tax preparation software in the industry to enable us to efficiently and accurately prepare tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and not-for-profit organizations.

Accounting Services

Meaningful and well-organized financial records are essential to personal financial security and efficient business operations.  ATLAS TAX provides a full range of cost effective accounting services to individuals and businesses.


Successful businesses have well-organized financial records that ensure efficient business operations and strategic use of funds.  By allowing us to assist you with the daily tasks associated with bookkeeping, you will assure that your business has a solid financial operating foundation.

Grant Writing

There are countless grants for individuals, professionals, corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations awarded each year by federal, state and local governments.  Our firm can help you research grants that are available and fitting for you, and collaborate with you to write the application.

Business Plan Writing

A business plan is a must have when launching or growing your business.  Banks and other lending institutions often require it to provide much needed capital.  Our firm write business plans, complete with research data and financial projections, to put your business on the right path to achieving great success.

Global Business Consulting

We work with organizations in all stages, including start-ups, to provide guidance on exploration of new markets, product offerings or target clients.  We complete meaningful market research to help your company uncover market opportunities and potential for growth.